Heritage lottery fund - Parks for people project

May 2019

Design Team Update

Tender Documentation was posted on London tenders Portal on Friday 03rd June 2019, we have been advised by LBH that the completed tenders are to be returned by no later than 21st June 2019. We have been advised by LBH that contract mobilisation will be W/C 08th July 2019.

Temporary Community Notice Board

The temporary community notice board has arrived and we are currently awaiting this to be affixed to the hoarding at the Pinner View car park.

Project Newsletter

The committee are currently working on the production of a newsletter which will be utilised to communicate information regarding the project once the contractor has been appointed (Further details on this item will follow over the next few weeks).

April 2019

Design Team Update

The Quantity Surveyor has now finalised the bill of quantities and this has been reviewed by LBH for any valued engineering savings, the finalised documentation is currently with LBH Corporate Director for approval, prior to formal issue for tender. (This is currently 3 weeks behind the proposed timeline however we have been advised that the July 2019 start date will nor be effected).

Vegetation Clearance

The stored Logs adjacent to Bessborough Cricket Club outfield has now been relocated to coincide with the commencement of the Cricket season.

Moat Desilting

Phase 1 works on desilting the Moat took place over a 2 week period when approx 1000 cubic metres of silt was removed and placed in a holding pit within the proposed Wetland area. This was checked by the onsite Archaeologist and no significant finds where made. Works to the Moat have now ceased until October 2019 so as not to interfere with the planned events at The Great Barn.

Moat 1 Moat 2 Moat 3 Moat 4

March 2019

Project Timeline

The proposed project timeline has now been issued by LBH. This indicates the project commencing in July 2019.

Download the project timeline.

Wetlands Area / Moat Desilting

The vegetation to the North bank of the Moat has been cut back to allow access for the machinery to undertake the desilting, this will commence on 01st April 2019 and should be completed within 4 weeks

Design Team Update

Works on the Tender preparation are now being finalised and it is anticipated that this will be issued in accordance with the project timeline.

February 2019

Observation Survey

The Friends of Headstone Manor in-conjunction with LBH undertook an Observation Survey in the Park from Monday 11th February 2019 untill Sunday 17th February 2019. This resulted in 126 volunteer hours and 4626 visitors counted. The Data collation has been issued to LBH for them to submit to HLF.

Design Team Update

We have no further information at present we believe that the Tender package is due to be issued within the next few weeks.

Headstone Lane Car park

No further works have been carried out in this area (logs being retained on site for future use).

Picnic Area

We have been advised of the following works due to be undertaken in February have now been delayed

1 - English Oak at children's playground entrance - Monolith at 4 metres - Ganoderma and Honey Fungus visible.(attempt to retain for wildlife).

2 - Largest Weeping Willow along the frontage of playground – Reduce by 50% - (branch shed throughout upper canopy).

Both of these are to attempt to stabilise significant issues.

Pinner View

The recently removed Chestnut Pailing fence, Undergrowth and Trees on the West bank of the Yeading Brook as part of the enabling works, have now been sorted into usable and unusable piles and the clearance of unwanted materials will continue on a ad hoc basis over the coming months.

The Spinney

A 2m wide strip of ground cover along the green iron rail fence that runs parallel with the spinney on Pinner View has been cleared partly to deal with some long standing H&S issues with overhanging trees affecting the highway and electric power cables, but also to facilitate the removal of the old fence and installation of a new iron rail fence toward the end of the main works which will include the provision of the new park entrance.

Wetlands Area

The fields at the rear of the Car park & Manor House have now been fenced off to enable the vegetation along the Harrow View West development boundary, it is proposed that the fencing will remain in place until the commencement of the HLF Park for Peoples Project (Proposed start date June / July 2019) provision has been made in the fencing to enable it to be opened up to accommodate events at Headstone Manor & Museum (May Day Etc.) this will be reviewed with Headstone Manor and Museum once the main works commence.

Moat Pollution

The pollution in the moat is an ongoing issue and LBH are in conversation with the relevant parties to resolve this issue ASAP. There is a possibility that the desilting of the Moat may be brought forward to prevent issues in the Spring / Summer months.

January 2019

Observation Survey

The Friends of Headstone Manor Park in association with Harrow Council will be undertaking a Visitor Observation Survey from 11th untill 18 th February 2019.

This will tell us who is and is not using Headstone Manor Park. The observation will also be useful for measuring the impact on visitor numbers before and after any park improvements.

If you would like to assist us with this survey please contact us by email – fohmrg@gmail.com for further information

Design Team Update

During the Christmas Holidays we where issued with the Final Draft Tender Issue drawings which had been updated to included the items raised at the design Team Meetings in December 2018, an emergency committee meeting was held on 30th December 2018 to review these drawings as comments where required by no later than the 03rd January 2019 so that they could be included before the Design Freeze was implemented.

Our formal response was issued to LBH on the 02nd January 2019, we received confirmation from LBH on 15th January 2019 that our comments / report have been noted and included in finalising the latest drawing iteration which is now at a design freeze stage.

The pack will be sent to the HLF Project Officer and Mentor for review and approval prior to going to the Quantity Surveyor for cost estimating.

Headstone Lane Car park

The removal of the Cypress Lawson (Non Native species) trees behind Hugs and Giggles has now been completed with the logs being retained on site for future use.

Picnic Area

The removal of the trees adjacent to the footpath to Bessborough Cricket Pavilion and the right hand side of the changing rooms has been completed with the logs being retained on site for future use

We have been advised of the following works that will be undertaken in February 2019.

1 – English Oak at children’s playground entrance – Monolith at 4 metres – Ganoderma and Honey Fungus visible.(attempt to retain for wildlife). 2 – Largest Weeping Willow along the frontage of playground – Reduce by 50% – (branch shed throughout upper canopy).

Both of these are to attempt to stabilise significant issues.

Pinner View

The Existing Chestnut Pailing fence on the West bank of the Yeading Brook and associated overhanging branches of trees have been removed as part of the enabling works

The Spinney

The existing Fence on the North Elevation is being removed as part of the enabling works this is being replaced by Harris fencing on the proposed new fence line South of the Yeading Brook this equates to circa 10% of the Spinney being brought back into the Park

December 2019

Design Team Meting – Moat

The de-silting of the Moat and associated license (U1 / D1 exemptions etc),are in place and all works must be completed in accordance with Historic England letter dated 21st December 2017 Ref; S00181874.

The vegetation around the Moat can be removed to ground level only no grubbing out or poisoning of roots due to the proximity of the water course. Existing trees are to be retained and crown lifted where necessary.

The existing Chestnut palings are to be removed and replaced. The fence along the footpath (Car park) will be Post & Rail construction the remaining will be Post & Wire construction this will be infilled with native species hedging to complete a protective barrier.

The existing vegetation mound bordering the car park will be stripped of vegetation and reduced in height by approx 0.5M.

Three proposals for the sluice gate arrangement will be forwarded to Historic England for there approval along with a proposal to prevent silt from first flood entering the Moat via the existing culvert

Design Team Meeting – Picnic Area

The existing Willows in this area will be retained until September 2019 as the provision of a single pond in this area is not achievable due to the current Brook flow rates a revised scheme is currently being designed this will probably contain 3 separate sections (1 small pond & 2 areas of aquatic planting)

Design Team Meeting – Children’s Playground

The following items will be refurbished and brought back into full operation

  • Galactic Climbing Frame
  • Roundabout
  • Chair Swing
  • Tea Cup

It is proposed that 3 new pieces of equipment will be purchased

  • Toddler Swing
  • Large Slide
  • Zip Wire

The layout of the Playground will be split into 4 separate zones (2 children’s, 1 team play & Zip Wire)

Design Team Meeting – Boundary with Harrow View (West) – Kodak Site

It was confirmed that there would be no formal demarcation line from HMP & HV(W) upon completion of the project the existing steel fence will be removed and the existing drainage ditch infilled to align the different ground levels.

Design Team Meeting – Pinner View

The existing outlet from the Moat to the Brook will be replaced with a flexible pipe the outlet from the attenuation tank will also be connect into this new pipe section and the surrounding ground level will be landscaped this increase the amount of space available to the left hand side of the Cafe which could then be utilised by the Museum as Picnic space it is also proposed that a crossing be installed at this point to connect to the new foot path adjacent to Bessborough Cricket pitch.

The proposed splitting of the Brook into 2 Channels was reviewed and in principal it was agreed that the single channel would be retained due to the current Brook flow rates,the channel would however be diverted towards Pinner View with the sloping edge to allow pond dipping access formed on the park side, this will enable the existing trees adjacent to Bessborough Cricket pitch to be retained the new footpath would then be installed within the existing tree line.

The boundary with Pinner View would be protected by Earth Mounds and existing Boulders (Set at Max 1.0M intervals) to prevent unauthorised vehicular access.

Design Team Meeting – Updated Drawings

It is proposed that the next issue of drawings would by the end of December (This would be the final issue for comment before the Tender Package is formulated)

November 2018

Pinner View – Enabling Works

The works commenced in November 2018 on the section of park grounds opposite Headstone Manor Museum Office and car park the removal of trees / shrubs / under-story vegetation will enable Harrow Council to fully access the existing tree stock to enable the full extent of tree felling that will be required to be undertaken for the wetland element of the project also to determine if any of the tree stock can be preserved or worked around during the wetland project.

A vast majority of the tree / logs and shrubs were in such poor condition and also had a lot of fly tipped waste tangled within it, Harrow Council decided to clear most of the site while they had the chance with the plant and contractor on site at this time. A representative from Harrow Council has been onsite to supervise and ensure the boundary to the site is protected by the remaining tree / logs and boulders, until the Heras fencing panels have been installed this will protect the area from the old parks vehicle car park to the Yeading Brook channel adjacent to the visitor centre.

At the same time Harrow Council has been able to demolish the BMX site and remove all the contamination i.e. fridges, fridge freezers, vehicle tyres, wheels and other vehicle parts which had been a major cost risk to the project; the site is now clear, leveled and ready for the main project works.

It is intended that these works will be completed by the end of November 2018

Design Team Meeting

Representatives from FoHMP attended the first design team meeting and was pleased to see that the reports issued to Harrow Council in September 2018 had been issued to the design team and that relevant items in relation to the project have been taken on board and that a vast majority will be taken into consideration in the final scheme.

The FoHMP where tasked with undertaking a survey of the existing park furniture for issue to the design team for inclusion in the next phase of the design (Hopefully all park furniture will be replaced as part of the project). The survey was undertaken and issued to Harrow Council & Design team on 09 November 2018.

The current design is being updated and it is intended that the updated drawings will be available for FoHMP to review by the middle of December 2018

October 2018

Headstone Lane Car Park

The works commenced in October 2018 with the removal of non native trees and those in poor condition, this has been done to increase clear site lines into the park & car park so that police can see into the park & car park and be more vigilant of some of the anti social problems that are continually being reported to Harrow council.

In addition these works will enable Harrow council to undertake the resurfacing of the car park as well as line marking parking bays. Harrow council are confident that the removal of the trees will prevent any future damage to the car park surface due to tree root ingress, there will also be improvement to the footpath and paving around the nursery pavilion to prevent ponding during bad weather.

The existing Wire fencing and boundary posts will also be removed and replaced with a softer landscaped mound to separate the park from the car park area

In consultation with FoHMP, Hugs & Giggles Nursery & Local residents Harrow Council have agreed to remove the Lawson Cypress trees at the rear of the nursery building which are in poor condition and are susceptible to storm damage, this will also help prevent any potential damage to the Nursery drainage and also increase light levels into the gardens and homes adjacent to the park boundary.

It is intended that the tree works will be completed by February 2018 (this is being done on an as and when basis to keep the cost down), the resurfacing works, line marking and landscaping will follow at a later date (Some of this work is dependent on materials being utilised from the HLF Parks for People Project)

September 2018

During September the FoHMP undertook the following surveys / reviews and forwarded them to Harrow Council as part of the design process

1 – Park Inspection 2 – Review of initial Drawings for Park Refurbishment 3 – Review / Observation of Green Flag Status 4 – Dog Walkers Questionnaire