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Heritage Lottery Fund - Parks for People Project

November 2018

Pinner View – Enabling Works

The works commenced in November 2018 on the section of park grounds opposite Headstone Manor Museum Office and car park the removal of trees / shrubs / under-story vegetation will enable Harrow Council to fully access the existing tree stock to enable the full extent of tree felling that will be required to be undertaken for the wetland element of the project also to determine if any of the tree stock can be preserved or worked around during the wetland project.

A vast majority of the tree / logs and shrubs were in such poor condition and also had a lot of fly tipped waste tangled within it, Harrow Council decided to clear most of the site while they had the chance with the plant and contractor on site at this time. A representative from Harrow Council has been onsite to supervise and ensure the boundary to the site is protected by the remaining tree / logs and boulders, until the Heras fencing panels have been installed this will protect the area from the old parks vehicle car park to the Yeading Brook channel adjacent to the visitor centre.

At the same time Harrow Council has been able to demolish the BMX site and remove all the contamination i.e. fridges, fridge freezers, vehicle tyres, wheels and other vehicle parts which had been a major cost risk to the project; the site is now clear, leveled and ready for the main project works.

It is intended that these works will be completed by the end of November 2018


November 2018

Design Team Meeting

Representatives from FoHMP attended the first design team meeting and was pleased to see that the reports issued to Harrow Council in September 2018 had been issued to the design team and that relevant items in relation to the project have been taken on board and that a vast majority will be taken into consideration in the final scheme.

The FoHMP where tasked with undertaking a survey of the existing park furniture for issue to the design team for inclusion in the next phase of the design (Hopefully all park furniture will be replaced as part of the project). The survey was undertaken and issued to Harrow Council & Design team on 09 November 2018.

The current design is being updated and it is intended that the updated drawings will be available for FoHMP to review by the middle of December 2018


October 2018

Headstone Lane Car Park

The works commenced in October 2018 with the removal of non native trees and those in poor condition, this has been done to increase clear site lines into the park & car park so that police can see into the park & car park and be more vigilant of some of the anti social problems that are continually being reported to Harrow council.

In addition these works will enable Harrow council to undertake the resurfacing of the car park as well as line marking parking bays. Harrow council are confident that the removal of the trees will prevent any future damage to the car park surface due to tree root ingress, there will also be improvement to the footpath and paving around the nursery pavilion to prevent ponding during bad weather.

The existing Wire fencing and boundary posts will also be removed and replaced with a softer landscaped mound to separate the park from the car park area

In consultation with FoHMP, Hugs & Giggles Nursery & Local residents Harrow Council have agreed to remove the Lawson Cypress trees at the rear of the nursery building which are in poor condition and are susceptible to storm damage, this will also help prevent any potential damage to the Nursery drainage and also increase light levels into the gardens and homes adjacent to the park boundary.

It is intended that the tree works will be completed by February 2018 (this is being done on an as and when basis to keep the cost down), the resurfacing works, line marking and landscaping will follow at a later date (Some of this work is dependent on materials being utilised from the HLF Parks for People Project)


September 2018

During September the FoHMP undertook the following surveys / reviews and forwarded them to Harrow Council as part of the design process

1 – Park Inspection
2 – Review of initial Drawings for Park Refurbishment
3 – Review / Observation of Green Flag Status
4 – Dog Walkers Questionnaire

Headstone Manor Park, London (£1,126,900)


Headstone Manor Park spans 23 hectares and is all that remains of the much larger, ancient ‘Heggeston’ farm, which was first recorded from 1300. Farming continued on the land up until 1928, when it was purchased by the then local authority, Hendon Rural District Council, to create a public park.

The park is designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and surrounds the 13th-century moated Headstone Manor, which is now a museum. The project will regenerate all aspects of the park complementing the recently restored HLF funded Headstone Manor Museum, buildings and new visitor centre. It will restore the water-filled historic 14th-century moat and parts of Yeading Brook will be widened making space for wetlands to improve habitats;


Yeading Brook Water Monitoring & Freshwater Invertebrates – Saturday 28th July 2018 10.00am – 13.00pm meet at the Water Monitoring Point

Past Events

A chance for Adults and Children to learn about the Water Monitoring being undertaken at the Yeading Brook as well as a chance for the Children to undertake pond dipping and examination of the water insect that they find (Fishing Nets & Magnifying Glasses will be provided) dont forget to bring your wellies