Minutes from Sunday 6th December 2015



  1. Feedback on recent activities
  2. Harrow Parks Forum
  3. Working group reflection of draft construction and roles
  4. Group recruitment – strategy
  5. Dates / future events
  6. Any other business

1. Feedback on recent activities
Bat walk: Was a success with around 17 people in attendance.
Could we please always clarify times across platforms as some members arrived 45 minutes before the rest of the group.
We also need to agree on times before they are sent out on social media.
Simon Braidman led the bat walk session and our thanks are due to him.
Many people also supplied their emails so that they could be informed about future events.

Action: John to ask Simon about leading another bat walk in the spring. John will also ask Simon if he would be interested in leading any future talks about the environment and the local community.

Tree walk
Good attendance. Children enjoyed it as it was interactive. 10 children attended plus their carers and parents, and Margaret and John who did a great job of leading the session. Thank you also to Saba and Sapna for creating interactive activity sheets.

Action: Dinah to speak to Mrs Sachania (Pinner park junior school) re liaising future walks / activities.

2. Harrow Parks Forum
Linda has suggested that if someone belongs to other groups they need to join just one group (perhaps an amalgamation of groups?)
Sounds very interesting and we would love to find out more.

Action: John will attend the next meeting and will feedback.

Action: James to find link of URL server re: parks groups so that the group can fill out survey.

3. Working group reflection of draft construction and roles
Constitution plan: We looked through plan and have began to amend it to suit our group.
Action: John to liaise with Denis the environmental bio-diversity officer at the council re: management plan.

Action: James will look through our constitution and he will email it to the group for final amendments. This will be attached to the end of these minutes. Final vote of agreement will be presented in the next meeting.

4. Group recruitment and strategy:
Action: Speak to Jo Saunders re advertising. Speak to people in the Heath Robinson House.

5. Dates / future events:
Russell has provided 1500 spring builds which Sapna and Dinah have passed on to both PInner Park Infant and Nursery School, and Pinner Park Junior school for replanting. We will hear more about this in the next meeting.

Next big event (after the possible spring bat walk) an Easter egg hunt and children to turn up in a homemade Easter bonnet. There will be a Prize/certificate for all entrants and for the best effort.

Possible future events:
Another bat walk
Possible fungi walk
Bulb planting
Making potions
Cyanotype light pictures
Bird identification
Easter egg hunt
Holi – find out dates (March 26th 2016)
Painting eggs

We need to focus on building a website.
Action: Dinah to speak to Bevan re website.

6. Any other business
Easter egg hunt.

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