FOHMRG team at a stall
The Friends look after the park, work closely with the Council to improve this beautiful space and arrange numerous activities, such as conservation days, nature walks and children's events.
A group on a Wednesday Wander through the park
To join the Friends and receive the latest news and events as well as updates on the HLF Park Project, email us on [email protected] or follow our Facebook page.
The moat undergoing works
The Heritage Lotter Fund Park Project aims to restore the quality, vitality and attractiveness of the park, its landscapes, wildlife and natural habitats whilst improving visitor experience.

Overview of FoHMP

FoHMP Logo

Welcome to the Friends of Headstone Manor Park (FoHMP). Our aim is to improve the use of Headstone Manor Park through events, activities, advocacy and environmental improvement.

  1. Promote the park as being vital to the physical, mental and wellbeing for the residents of the area, improving social wellbeing, and working together as residents regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation, recognising the value off our many differences.
  2. Work collaboratively to involve local people, organisations and institutions in improving the area.
  3. Carry out and promote both environmental improvements and practical conservation in the area.

Brief History of FoHMP

The friends group started in early 2014 following several informal meetings in the park of local residents, these meetings coincided with Harrow Councils consultations with regards to the provision of borough services. It was therefore felt that a viable friends group for the park in advance of the proposed redevelopment bid was an important and necessary step

The first formal meeting was held in April 2014 and was well supported by local residents and the following items where discussed, what the friends group would look like, who it would represent, what it could do and how it might represent the desires and opinions of park users.

The Friends group was formally incorporated following this meeting and constitution formatted and approved by Harrow Council and the Friends committee in April 2016.

The Friends of Headstone Manor Park has strong council support and has advocated for local residents from different socio-economic and culturally diverse backgrounds to get involved in running events and activities in the park.

Headstone Manor Recreation Ground

Overview of Headstone Manor Park

Headstone Manor Park is located in Headstone Lane with entrances in Parkside Way and Pinner View. Car parking is available at Headstone Lane and Pinner View.

The park is set within 23 Hectares of green space incorporating the following facilities, senior football pitches, junior football pitches, cricket squares, changing rooms, children’s play area, tennis courts, basketball practice goal, car parking and Headstone Manor & Museum (Inc Visitor Centre and Cafe).

Headstone Manor is a nationally significant scheduled monument, home to four historic listed buildings an a 14th century moat.

Through the Museum, discover how Harrow became the unique place it is today, from the stone-age to the arrival of the railways, Headstone Manor has seen it all.